Like everything nature makes, coconuts are not created equal. Our unique Nam Hom coconuts are grown in organic agroforestry.

Top left: Harvested organic Nam Hom coconuts. Bottom left: Many coconut farms utilize water canals for efficient harvesting. Right: We source organic Nam Hom coconuts from small rural farms in Thailand.

Nam Hom coconuts are considered the tastiest coconut cultivar in the world. To maintain their distinctive flavor, our coconuts are grown in isolation from other coconut varieties, making the farmer an integral part of our team. We are committed to building long-term relationships with the Thai agroforestry communities, providing stable fair wages for farmers and helping them obtain USDA organic certifications pending extensive audits. This is acting as incentive for other farmers to convert from chemical pesticides and fertilizers to clean, traditional farming methods. In this way, as Harmless Harvest grows, so does the protection of the environment at the source.

Our organic Nam Hom coconuts are harvested when the coconut water, or liquid endosperm, is at peak flavor and nutrition, generally around 6-7 months old, depending on rainfall.

Our young green coconuts are picked by hand after growing for six to seven months when the water and meat composition are appropriately balanced. Harvest can happen year-round, as our coconut palms will produce 15 to 18 bunches (over 225 coconuts) per year on average. During harvest, the coconuts are lowered to the ground by rope to prevent damage, where they are collected, often via boats traveling canals that edge the palms. While the process sounds picturesque, the reality is very hard work. We have worked tirelessly with experienced experts and farmers in Thailand in order to sustain lasting organic coconut cultivation to prove that production does not need to be destructive.

 Left: Coconut palms produce coconuts throughout the year. Right: Canals lining the palms make collecting harvested coconuts easier, while also assisting in proper irrigation.