I started using my Primal Pit Paste and now my pits are irritated and sensitive. What gives?

It is totally normal to have a case of angry pits when you make the switch from conventional deodorant to Primal Pit Paste. Your body is acclimating to the alkaline pH of the baking soda in PPP. Baking soda is an odor and bacteria-controlling rockstar, but your body may need to adjust to its naturally powerful action at first, which takes a week or so for most people. If you are experiencing an extreme reaction or intolerable discomfort, discontinue the use of your Primal Pit Paste and contact us so that we can provide advice. It may be as simple as using the PPP every other day for a while or you may fins super sensitive skin is a better fit for our Primal Pit Paste Light formula or our Happy Pits Sensitive Stick, which is free of baking soda.

How do I know which Primal Pit Paste is right for me?

We always suggest starting with the Regular Strength formula, which works best for most people. After trying the Regular Strength, if you need more odor control or something less powerful, we offer Primal Pit Paste Strong or Light, or the Happy Pits Sensitive Stick, which is free of baking soda.

How do I apply Primal Pit Paste?

Just a dab’ll do ya! Take a pea-sized amount on your finger tips and gently rub under each arm. Wait a few minutes for Primal Pit Paste to absorb before dressing.

My product has melted! What do I do?

Primal Pit Paste has a special talent- it can tell you a bit about the weather! Above 80°F or so, it starts to soften up or “melt” (that means it’s t-shirt weather out there, folks!). This is due to the use of truly organic ingredients with NO texture additives. It works EXACTLY the same in this softer state, but if you have a jar that has warmed to a liquid, it can also easily be solidified again by stirring it up with the provided stir stick and popping the jar into the fridge for a few minutes to get it back to its paste form. Easy-peasy. Go Primal Body Whip can melt in warm weather too, which will change its texture (though it functions just as well) so we recommend storing in a cool place and opting for the warm weather shipping service as the season demands.

Could Primal Pit Paste stain clothing?

Primal Pit Paste should not cause staining if applied correctly. Applying too much product or failing to allow a few minutes for the product to absorb before dressing could cause the product to transfer to clothing, which may result in staining. But this is very rare when the product is applied correctly.

Can Primal Pit Paste and other Go Primal products be used during pregnancy?

While we don’t know of any contraindications to using Go Primal products while you’ve got a bun in the oven, we encourage you to speak with your doctor before using any new products during this special 9 months. We believe Go Primal products are a much safer choice than chemical-laden products at any stage of life, but it’s important to ask your doctor any questions you might have about pregnancy. We disclose our full ingredient lists online to help you with this. And hey, congratulations! 

I applied my Primal Pit Paste after shaving my armpits and “Yowww!” did it sting! Is that normal?

Ever shaved your legs before a day at the beach and get a painful surprise as soon as the salty waves hit your gams? For a short period of time for some, using Primal Pit Paste on freshly shaved pits may give you a similar result. Shaved skin is exfoliated skin, so the baking soda in Primal Pit Paste could sting momentarily once applied. This is usually temporary, but we recommend shaving at night and then applying PPP in the morning after your skin has had a chance to recover from shaving.

Will I still sweat while using Primal Pit Paste?

Unlike aluminum antiperspirant that clogs sweat glands to prevent sweating (ew!), Primal Pit Paste allows your pits to sweat. This is essential for your health and to allow your body to detoxify naturally! And yet you will still look and feel dry. The organic arrowroot starch in Primal Pit Paste absorbs moisture and leaves pits cool and comfortable. You’re still sweating out toxins, but Primal Pit Paste controls the moisture so you feel fresh throughout the day. Learn more about this in our Pit Detox Protocol.

How do I know if I’m experiencing Pit Detox?

We’re so glad you asked! We’ve got a comprehensive resource for what to expect during pit detox. Check out our Pit Detox Protocol.

Are Go Primal products cruelty-free or suitable for vegans?

Go Primal products are certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. We do not test our products on animals nor do we source animal-tested ingredients. When every single ingredient is pure, organic goodness, we know the result is going to be amazing without needing any cruel experimentation. Most of our products are suitable for vegans with the exception of our Primal Pit Paste Stick and our Primal Pucker Paste, which contain organic beeswax. So if you’re minding your beeswax, just use our Primal Pit Paste in the jar instead!

Are Go Primal Products gluten-free and soy-free?

Yep, all our products are made without gluten or soy. But even fake ingredients can be free of gluten and soy so we take it further by using only real, whole food-grade ingredients and by using non-GMO and organic ingredients as well. You won’t find parabens, aluminum, or any toxic chemicals in Go Primal products either. We think your body deserves to have it all!

Is your packaging BPA-free and recyclable?

We aim to be a zero waste facility. Most of our products are packaged in glass that is both reusable and recyclable and naturally free of bisphenol-A. Our Primal Pit Paste Stick and trial sizes are packaged in natural plastic which is also BPA-free and recyclable. Paper and cardboard packaging and shipping materials include post-consumer and recyclable materials. At Go Primal we care as much about the health of the environment as we do about your health! We strive to use responsible packaging for both people and planet.