Our supply chain does not end with the sourcing. We have built a state of the art manufacturing facility in the heart of Thailand's traditional coconut farming region.

Nam Hom Coconuts at our facility in Thailand.

This factory employs individuals from the community, creating stable jobs where our coconuts are grown. The coconut water is bottled shortly after our organic coconuts are harvested in order to maintain the distinct flavor of our Nam Hom coconuts from the source. Because we use proprietary systems without mixing or homogenizing the coconut water, each bottle reflects the unique flavor of individual coconuts. By investing where our coconuts are grown, we help stimulate the local economy while overseeing quality and improving traceability. 


We pioneered the use High Pressure Processing to allow our coconut water to extend its refrigerated shelf life and maintain the aroma, flavor, and nutrients of the raw ingredients.

Filled bottles are placed in a cold water bath, then undergo tens of thousands of pounds of pressure. 

Filled bottles are placed in a cold water bath, then undergo tens of thousands of pounds of pressure.

High Pressure Processing, or HPP, is an FDA-approved technique that has been used for decades with various products. This technique utilizes heatless isostatic pressure to inhibit the growth of natural microflora, such as probiotic lactobacilli, and kill aerobic pathogens. Bottled products are placed in a water bath and submitted to tens of thousands of pounds pressure, dispersed evenly throughout the cells of the cold water and products. Through this process, raw products gain shelf life while retaining their flavor and aroma.

Making our raw, highly-perishable products requires best-in-class manufacturing practices with full control of the supply chain to ensure a superior product. This means that to maintain quality and prevent spoilage or souring, our products must ALWAYS be kept refrigerated. If you are pregnant or immunocompromised, we strongly urge you to follow your doctor’s recommendations. We take every precaution in making our products safe, as well as delicious. That being said, raw products (produce included) are not sterile, and it is best to listen to your doctor and to your instincts.